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Math Tutor Mr Chiu

Taught by Math Tutor Mr. Chiu

✔ With more than 11 years of experience tutoring math…

✔ Based on the latest MOE syllabus.

Use step-by-step, easy-to-understand explanations so you/your child can grasp confusing math concepts easily. Every concept is explained.

✔ Periodic free mock tests/exams to improve your/your child’s exam tactics and get feedback on your/your child’s progress.

Boost your/your child’s confidence with exam-style questions for homework to prepare for exams well in advance.

Group Tuition

Face-to-face home-based group tuition. You/your child may also choose to attend lessons remotely online.

Maximum 4 students per class – you/your child gets more attention, focus, and help from me, so he/she can improve faster and learn better.

A trial lesson is available upon request. Enquire on Whatsapp now!

Individual Tuition

Lessons are conducted face-to-face. You/your child may also choose to attend lessons remotely online.

For individual tuition, it is more flexible. I will follow the same sequence of the topics that are being taught in your/your child’s school.

Lessons are tailored according to the student’s pace and learning style. This will help you/your child to learn the subject effectively.

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Lesson Fees

Group Tuition (Express/IP)DurationFees (every 4 lessons)
Sec 1 Maths2h$250
Sec 2 Maths2h$250
Sec 3 ‘E’ Maths2h$250
Sec 3 ‘A’ Maths2h$250
Sec 4 ‘E’ Maths2h$250
Sec 4 ‘A’ Maths2h$250
Check the 2024 class schedule here.
Group Tuition (JC) DurationFees (every 4 lessons)
JC1 H2 Math2h$360
JC2 H2 Math2h$360
Check the 2024 class schedule here.
Individual Math TuitionDurationRates
All secondary levels2h/week$55/h
All JC levels2h/week$75/h
For individual tuition, please WhatsApp us to discuss the schedule.

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